Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New stuff and a Freebie!

Bad blogger Amanda here! Well I have been busy with a few new things! I have one PU and one CU goodie in both of my stores and the best part is right now they are both on sale for $3.00! There's even a freebie at the end so here we go! First up we have Buddy Boy, I made this one with my little man Zack who's 4. He loves playing outside and having fun. Bright colors, blowing bubbles, flying kites you name it and if it's fun he likes it! You can pick it up here and here!
Next up, my new CU goodie Swap'em Outs! These are perfect for making alphas, buttons, flairs and anything else you can think of. There are 6 glass/acrylic toppers, 8 edges and a base to clip your paper, color or styles to. Mix and match for a ton of different options. You can find these either here or here!
Both are on sale right now for $3.00!! So are you ready for the freebie? I made a QP from Buddy Boy and two button flairs for Buddy Boy with my new CU Swap'em Outs! Have fun!